• Can I use my FastTrack Rechargeable Aircraft Aluminum flashlight as a diving light ?

    We do not recommend it. Though while it rains, dropping in puddles and other kinds of typical terrestrial events moisture would not get past the 0-ring seals, it has not been designed for the high pressures which occur in diving environments.

  • Is it advisable to leave the battery uncharged for a long duration ?

    When the light becomes dim, recharge the batteries. If left uncharged for a long period of time, this can reduce the performance of the batteries.

  • Is the flashlight protected against overcharging?

    Yes. Your FastTrack charging adaptor is specially designed to protect against overcharging. Please ensure to use only the FastTrack charging adaptor supplied along with the flashlight. Using other adaptors for charging the FastTrack flashlight will result in overcharging of the battery pack and will reduce the life span of the battery pack.

  • The operating time of the flashlight is diminishing on a regular basis ?

    Check line voltage. If the line voltage is as per specifications, the loss in the operating time may be due to unlikely development of false memory of the battery pack. Please discharge the battery pack and completely recharge. This will help to erase the false memory and to recharge the battery pack to its capacity.

  • What is meant by battery memory ?

    A Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery remembers each length of discharge and after a period of time retains it, causing the battery to accept less than a full charge. This is why it is critical to 'recondition' the battery periodically.